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IMG 1568 153x120By offering the most diversified education in French-speaking Belgium, the University of Liège is committed to providing students with a personalized education while remaining attuned to the needs of the jobmarket.

The University of Liège has an international reputation for excellence, is ideally located in the heart of Europe and possesses its own leading-edge infractructure. Moreover, it is resolutely turned to the future.  In close contact with over 750 partner institutions throughout the world, its goal is to strengthen its position as a center of innovation and knowledge.

Fully engaged in participative education, the University of Liège involves you in your own learning process and provides multiple opportunities for you to put what you learn into practice : work placements, seminars,  workshops, fieldwork, etc.  With its 190 master's degrees, 30% of which are offered only at ULg, the University enables you to take your education and your future into your own hands.

Convinced that learning "diversity" will help students find a place in an increasingly demanding jobmarket, the University of Liège strives to remain an international university, one open to the world.  Welcome to ULg!


Secondary school student


Higher education student

If you are a secondary student in the upper grades and wish to embark on the university journey, click here to find out everything you need to know about preparing yourself for ULg.    If you are a university student or have a degree from a Higher Education Institution and wish to pursue your education, click here and find the quickest way to ULg

(Future) Graduate of a foreign institution



If you are a student from either a European Union member country or from a non-EU member state and wish to continue your course of study in Belgium and broaden your horizons, follow the guide.   If your son/daughter is a (future) university student and you wish to aid and support him/her in his/her educational endeavours, please click here.
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