Réseau ULg - Les Amis de l'Université de Liège

Presentation and missions

A Royal society, Les Amis de l'Université de Liège is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to promote the University of Liège:

  • by developing a feeling of belonging among students, connecting and involving graduates;
  • be actively seeking the support of external partners:
  • by promoting its women, men, values and actions in teaching and research;
  • by highlighting the impact of its scientific and cultural work and its role in political, social and economic life;
  • by stressing its spirit of openness, pluralism, and ongoing search for excellence.

In September 2004, the association adopted a new name to promote its new ideals Réseau ULg. 


Although the University of Liège was created in 1817, it took nearly 115 years for a graduate association to form. The Amis de l'Université de Liège was founded on 13 March 1929, upon the initiative of the Rector, Jules Duesberg. He wanted to bring together all Liège graduates likely to be interested in the prosperity of their Alma Mater, and to provide it with moral and financial resources to support and potentially expand the institution.

Very quickly, the organisation encouraged young ULg researchers through several annual prizes. As time passed, it began to manage several prizes and foundations

Regional sections developed, as branches of the central association.

Summarising more than seventy years of work in a few lines is far from easy. The most important are the classes and lessons as well as the trips and the many other occasions for catching up and meeting up with former students.

In the autumn of 2004, the organisation celebrated 75 years of University support and received the title of 'Royal Society' from the Governor of the Province. The anniversary was also the occasion to adopt a new name, the Réseau ULg, which was more in line with the organisation's new action programme, acting as the link between the University and (at the time), its 58,000 graduates. 

Regional sections

In Belgium

  • Campine

Elsewhere in the world


Contact(s) : Réseau ULg - Les Amis de l'Université de Liège
Place du 20 Août, 9 (Bât. A1) 4000 Liège
Tél. + 32 4 366 52 87 - Fax + 32 4 366 57 05

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