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Michaël Gillon in the TIME list of the 100 most influential people


Liège, 20 April 2017. TIME Magazine has nominated Michaël Gillon, astronomer of the University of Liège, in its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. As TIME Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs has said of the list in the past: “Each year our TIME 100 list lets us step back and measure the forces that move us…. One way or another they each embody a breakthrough: they broke the rules, broke the record, broke the silence, broke the boundaries to reveal what we're capable of.”

The nomination of Michaël Gillon follows the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanetary system, revealed to the public in an article published in Nature and during a press conference, last February, at the NASA headquarters in Washington. TRAPPIST-1 is the system that has both the largest number of telluric planets and the largest number of potentially habitable worlds ever discovered.

The list of 100 personalities is now avaible on and will be published in the May issue of the magazine.

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Contact : Michaël Gillon - - +32 (0)473/34 64 02 (Currently in the USA) Press Office – Université de Liège – - +32(0)4/366 52 17-11

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