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EU Research Magazine (open access publication for scientific research and dissemination) published a very nice article on the BeIPD-COFUND programme.

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  • Retrouvez les photos de la soirée d'accueil pour chercheurs 2016 : soon available.

  • European Researcher Night 2016 : 2nd prize by Delphine Franssen, Université de Liège

    On 28/09, the European Commission and Parliament launched the 2016 European Researchers' Night at the European Parliament. Up to 50 researchers, mainly Marie Skłodowska Curie fellows, presented the results of their research projects through a series of interactive demonstrations to more than 3,100 visitors. During the afternoon, a science "slam" was held, where MSCA researchers explained their projects to the audience in 3 minutes. The Commission was grateful for all the participants who took part, as well as the applicants but, in the end, only three winners could be chosen.

    The aim of Delphine's work is to determine how pubertal timing can be regulated by a child's environment, such as nutrition and chemicals.

    Delphine Franssen has just got her PhD degree, which she performed in the Neuroendocrinology Laboratory of the GIGA-Neurosciences in Liège. In October 2016, she will begin a postdoctoral research (COFUND fellowship) in the laboratory led by Prof. Tena-Sempere in the Maimonides Institute of Biomedical Research of Cordoba in Spain.
  • Jogging Liège Métropole 2016

    Ce dimanche 1er mai après-midi, pour la 4e année consécutive, l’Université de Liège a participé en nombre au jogging des 15 km de Liège Métropole.
    Des post-docs BeIPD y étaient aussi ! Félicitations à Ana Ballester, Rocio Aliaga-Isla et Maté Paksy.

  • Linkin’Wallonia
    Les photos de la soirée de clôture

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