Ethics and Scientific Integrity

The University of Liège Executive Board has adopted a procedure to be followed in the event of a violation of research integrity and has created an ad hoc Board. The procedure aims to address violations of good practice in terms of scientific ethics and integrity when these are, by their nature, unacceptable and, in addition, they can prejudice scientific knowledge and its dissemination and, finally, these are likely to harm personal interests which are to be protected.

The (confidential) procedure proposed involves the successive and/or cumulative intervention of a member of the Board for Ethics and Scientific Integrity (CEIS), the CEIS as a whole, an ad hoc Committee charged with establishing the facts (CCEF) and the Rector. These individuals and bodies can call upon experts of their choice.

The CEIS consists of the following members :

  • Mr Rudi Cloots, Vice-Rector for Research and President of the CEIS
  • Mr Serge Brédart, Full Professor
  • Ms Florence Caeymaex, FNRS Senior Research Associate
  • Mr Pierre Drion, Professor
  • Mr Vincent Geenen, FNRS Research Director, part time professor
  • Ms Vinciane Pirenne, FNRS Research Director
  • Mr Vincent Seutin, Full professor
  • Mr Jean Surdej, Full professor
  • Mr Ezio Tirelli, Full professor

In addition, the CEIS may initiate or be called upon to initiate by any member of the University community, an investigation into an aspect of ethics and scientific integrity. It may propose institutional recommendations to the University authorities, as well as specific opinions to stakeholders in specific cases.

Regulation "Scientific ethics and integrity at Ulg : Preventative aspects aiming to guarantee scientific integrity, Procedure to be followed if scientific integrity has been violated, Constitution of the Board for ethics and scientific integrity"


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