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The MyULg portal is an indispensable tool for the University of Liège's students. It accompanies them from their first enrolment to their obtaining a degree, and is at the same time a ‘self-service administrative helpdesk', ‘electronic notice-board' and a central access point for online resources.

Any information placed on the portal by a teacher or a member of personnel is targeted by Faculty, year of study and then by course. Students are thus presented only with information which concerns them directly.

On the home page, MyULg presents an overview of the new elements available to students: news, files to download, classified advertisements, forums, unread mail, etc. Soon there will be added actions to be undertaken, important messages from the Faculty, new courses available as Podcasts, etc.

Administrative procedures

A single trip to the Administration Services, then everything else online...

It is absolutely necessary that every student presents himself/herself in person at the Central Administration services for their first enrolment at the ULg.

Once enrolled the remainder of the university steps can be managed with the aid of MyULg.

  • Selecting courses to be taken during the academic year
  • Consulting exam results
  • Choosing exams
  • Consulting the results of academic grade awarding meetings (bulletin)
  • Enrolling for the second session and paying online
  • Enrolling for the following year and paying online
  • Consulting the administrative file
  • Changing contact addresses (bedsit, apartment, etc.)
  • Requesting a study trip abroad (Erasmus)
  • Registering for online language courses
  • Changing your Intranet password

Electronic noticeboards


On these noticeboards teachers and Faculty or Administrative personnel place various forms of information aimed at students: news (information related to course organisation but also to leisure, sport and cultural activities, etc.), files (generally documents related to courses such as syllabi, PowerPoint presentations, exam questions, etc.) and forums, open participative communicative spaces for teachers and students. But other subjects are tackled, such as car sharing, organising exam practices, aid in using MyULg, etc.

The classified advertisements are for their part very open (organising nights out and parties, looking for assistance, special courses, etc.) as long as they respect the regulations concerning MyULg use. 

Access to online resources

Once they are identified on MyULg thanks to their personal username and Intranet password, students can access an ensemble of Intranet resources without further identification, including:

  • ULg Webmail
  • WebCT, the ULg's online teaching platform
  • Campus HEC, a specific platform for HEC-ULg students

Discover MyULg at the following address (reserved access).

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