Graduates employement statistics

We are pleased to announce the results of surveys conducted among graduates from the University of Liège.
Their goal is to provide our (current and future) students as well as our alumni with information on the professional status of our graduates, 1 year and 5 years after graduation (both in general and by school or faculty), and to help them develop a professional project. A number of topics received particular attention, such as employment rates (for active job seekers), difficulties encountered when looking for a first job, employment contract types, employers' sectors of activity, places of work, relationship between job and studies, professional satisfaction, and skills acquired through the ULg's programmes.

In order to make the results easier to analyse, each table (or chart) indicates how many people answered the question (n=…).


Follow-up on the professional status of graduates after 1 year

(classes of 2009 through 2012)


Follow-up on the professional status of graduates after 5 years

(classes of 2007 and 2008)








General survey


By faculty


General survey


By faculty

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