Research strategy

Promote excellence, inter-disciplinarity and spin-offs

The ULg has chosen inter-disciplinarity and partnership of the research units in order to develop a quality collaborative research, rich in diversity and differences, by also favouring the critical size through forming research centres to have access to international partnerships of high quality.  It encourages researchers in particular to create spin-offs on the basis of their research findings and to guide their development.  

Promote research

Considerable efforts are made by the institution in order to enable the very high-level researchers that it employs, recruited in-house, but also from beyond the borders, to perform their research work in the best possible conditions:

  • researcher positions are granted on own funds and career development opportunities are offered
  • special budgets are set aside for the mobility experience and for the development of the researchers’ careers
  • high-level scientific infrastructure is available and shared between the teams, then made available to the outside world
  • specific support services are made available to them

The Research Council acts as a support to the authorities for drawing up this research and financing policy for important actions.

Promote access to science

The ULg has been resolute in its desire to become involved in a Free Access policy, by putting PhD theses  of its students online on the Internet (BICTEL/e Project), by inviting members of the ULg to deposit their scientific publications in order to enable the free circulation of them over the Internet (Digithèque Project) and by creating a publication portal of scientific periodicals of the ULg (POPuPS Ulg). Furthermore, it wishes to make science available to the general public through the scientific popularisation website Reflections

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