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Programs for Teachers and Prospective Teachers


Teaching in secondary school

A teacher working in the final three years of secondary school must hold the Upper Secondary School  Teaching Certificate or AESS (agrégé de l'enseignement  secondaire supérieur) in order to be eligible for a permanent contract.

Master's programs designed for teaching purposes offer the same courses as the AESS and lead to the same teaching certificate.  Holders of a bachelor's and/or one-year master's degree, among others, can also enrol directly in the AESS program.

This program is organized and coordinated by the CIFEN (Interfaculty Teacher training Centre). See more...


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Support for Ulg teaching staff

One of the numerous missions of the IFRES (Institut de Formation et de Recherche en enseignement supérieur  - Training and Research Institute for higher education) is to support ULg teachers and departments in their initiatives to train students.  It provides services and stimulates pedagogical research in higher education.
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Teaching in higher education

The Higher Education Teaching Certificate or CAPAES (Certificat d'Aptitude Pédagogique à l'Enseignement Supérieur) is a prerequisite for a tenured position in an institution of higher education. The program, organized by Ulg on IFRES premises, includes both theoretical and practical training as well as the  preparation of a professional file. See more...

Training program in higher education teaching skills

The Complementary Master's program in post-secondary and university teacher training, also called "Formasup" aims to improve the quality of teaching in higher education by providing teachers with professional tools. Courses on offer include improving teaching practice, joining a network of teaching professionals, and participating in scientific events. See more... 

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