External Relations and Communication Department



Monique Marcourt

Head of the communication dpt :
Quanah Zimmerman
+32(0)4 366 90 49

Direction Assistant :
Marie-Noëlle Chevalier
Tél. +32 4 366 52 18
Fax. +32 4 366 57 98

Administrative Office:
Vanessa Hamoir
Tel : +32 4 366 48 28
Fax : +32 4 366 57 98

Role and missions

The External Relations and Communication Department (ERCD) is a general purpose structure whose main mission is to promote the institutional image such as it is defined by the Authorities. It is at the service of the latter and the various university structures when they wish to communicate within the Institution or externally.

Under the direct responsibility of the Rector, the Department is placed under the supervision of a Director (Level 1) who coordinates the activities of the four departments which form it:

1. The Press and Communication Department, responsible for the press as well as internal and external communication.
2.    The Research Popularisation Department, responsible for disseminating research results to a general and informed public.
3.    The Culture Promotion and Diffusion Department, responsible for disseminating and providing information about the cultural activities within the Institution or those which are linked with it.
4.    The Public Relations Department, responsible for relationships with external bodies and actors and event organisation.

Department Organisation

Media and Communication


Press Relations : Didier Moreau Marie Liégeois
Press Relations for Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Campus : Coraline LaurentPress Relations for Arlon Campus : Sara Verhelpen

Medias and diffusion


Monthly magazine Le 15e jour du mois (The 15th Day of the Month) :
Editor-in-chief: Patricia Janssens
Sub-editor: Catherine Eeckhout


Reflexions  website - Scientific Popularization
Contact : Julie Louis


Culture website
Editor-in-chief: Claudine Purnelle


Press agent: Didier Moreau
Sub-editor: Remy Hespel


Websites and blogs creation
CoordinationJulie Louis, Marie Liégeois
Technical support : Jean-Michel Dusoulier


and social networks : Marie Liégeois


Official ceremonies and academic events


Stéphane Grétry

Logistics and production support unit

  Secretarial and Accounts: Marie-Noëlle Chevalier
Accounts Colonster: Valérie Barbier

Graphics : Sophie Minon

Web support : Marc-Henri Bawin - Jean-Michel Dusoulier

Contact with the "Presses universitaires de Liège" : Cathy Prince


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