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Going further with ULg

HP Etudiant supérieurIf you're following a course in higher education and are tempted by university, or you'd like to give yourself an extra chance to succeed professionally or further improve your education, why not come and discover the various possibilities we have to offer you? What bridges exist between institutes of higher education and university? How can you make the most of what you've learnt? Which course meets your expectations? What are the various formalities you have to fulfil?

 If you'd like a more concrete idea of what to expect, come and discover ULg on one of its open days, at its open classes or preparatory activities for "bridge" students.

Perhaps you haven't made your choice yet. Maybe you're hesitating. Perhaps you'd like to be reassured to. We organise plenty of activities and offer individual consultations throughout the year.

Here you'll find a whole range of practical information: enrolment formalities, social and financial aid, support to succeed, support before, during and after your studies, etc. Come and visit us any time of the year. You're always welcome. 

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