Secondary school student

And what if you choose ULg?

HP secondaireThinking of going to university? To find out more about us and to enable us to answer all your questions: how is the teaching organised? What subjects are available? How is the year structured? What opportunities are there? Visit our website.

To provide you with a more concrete idea of what to expect, please come and join us at our various events: open days, classes, information sessions, preparatory activities... Make the most of these opportunities to discover this new world! 

Perhaps you haven't made your choice yet. Maybe you're hesitating. Perhaps you'd like to be reassured. We organise plenty of activities such as discussion workshops, and offer individual consultations throughout the year.

Here you'll find a whole range of practical information: enrolment formalities, social and financial aid, support to succeed, support before, during and after your studies, etc. Come and visit us any time of the year. You're always welcome.


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