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Looking for a place to live during your studies at the University of Liège? Are you an intern, a researcher, or an exchange student looking for short-term accommodation?

On this website, you will find all the information you need. It will also help you discover the different possibilities which are offered. The University of Liège is based mainly in Liège, in the city centre and on the Sart Tilman University campus, which is about ten kilometres to the south. It is very easy to find accommodation. Thanks to its numerous and reasonably priced accommodation possibilities, Liège is the cheapest University town in Belgium. Indeed, in addition to those in the University residence, about 7000 student places are offered in every area of the city and in the surroundings of the Sart Tilman campus (rooms, studios, apartments, houses).

So, getting accommodation is not a problem in Liège!

The ULg has also sites in Arlon and Gembloux where it is as easy to find accommodation.

In conclusion, whatever your situation might be, our Accommodation Service will help you, advise you and provide you any information you need for your search.

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-         Living in the university residence

-         Living in private accommodation

-         Living on the Arlon campus

-         Living on the Gembloux campus

-         Other useful information





For further information, help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us!


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 Living in private accommodation
 Living on the Arlon campus
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