IT & Multimedia

IT logistics at the University of Liège involves the organization of the Institution's entire IT media and their dissemination to the university community.

These activities are developed within several "IT units" :

  • The SEGI (General IT Service) is the central body that houses the powerful equipment available to the university community; defines and implements overall strategy, standards, and network architecture; and monitors ULG's administrative IT.
  • The U.D.I. (Decentralized IT Units): The UDI organize local IT media and stand in for SEGI in specific geographical or faculty environments.
  • In addition, some University services,  in the Faculties and elsewhere, make their material available to users whose interests are similar to their own.
  • The CSI (Scientific IT Council), an advisory body to the Board of Directors,  is responsible for:
  • making recommendations on the general strategy to be implemented in matters relating to the University's IT infrastructure (hardware and software), particularly in regard to teaching and research support.
  • advising on how to distribute IT resources allocated to the UDI.
  • Examining research projects involving the acquisition of major IT media  before these projects are sent to potential subsidy-granting institutions in order to ensure coherence in the IT material set up at ULg.
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