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Le rendez-vous du vendredi

Will the world economy soon be ‘Made in China’?

From its influence on Western economies to its interest in the countries of South America, China appears to want to have its cake and eat it.

Treating depression without medication

To overcome the loss of the will to live which manifests itself in depression, Sylvie Blairy uses different therapeutic tools as an alternative to medication.

What is happening twenty light years from Earth?

Although interstellar transport is by no means around the corner, Michaël Gillon, a researcher in astrophysics, is already looking at planets to work out which ones have conditions favourable to life.

Pause café avec Jean-Michel Lafleur - le lungo


Avec les changements socio-économiques que connaît l'Europe, le profil des migrants a changé. Jusqu'à remettre en question le principe de libre circulation ?

The viruses that we inherit from animals


Are humans more than ever at the mercy of animal diseases? Etienne Thiry discusses the flu, Ebola and the evolutivity of viruses.

A coffee break with Sébastien Doutreloup – the lungo

Hear the full interview with Sébastien Doutreloup on climate change. Also available as an audio podcast.

Does capitalism damage the conservation of heritage?

Because everything today appears to be heritage, Claudine Houbart looks at how its conservation is often conditioned by tourist interest and marketing.

From Mercury to Chile, they reveal the history of rocks 

Studying rocks from volcanos to the planet Mercury is all in a day’s work for Jacqueline Vander Auwera and her colleagues in the Geology Department.

What role should the State play in the economy?


Axel Gautier adresses the changing role of the State in the economy, as it becomes less of an actor and more of an influencer of the markets through its competition policies and regulation.

How should we approach teaching about thought?

How can philosophy be practiced in schools? Philosopher Anne Herla defends the idea of establishing time for talking, reflection and questioning.

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