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Students wishing to take part in an exchange programme must fill an application procedure as explain below.

1. The students have to fill in an application file online. This form is accessible only to students in our partner institutions! Applicants are invited to rigorously complete all the steps and to fill in carefully all the boxes on the form.

2. They must then have the file signed and stamped by the coordinator before signing it themselves and sending it by mail or post to the address below. 

3. We insist that our exchange students should have a minimal knowledge of French (English if all their courses are in English) to attend classes and take exams. Therefore we ask them to join to their Application Form a document testifying their level of French (English).
- Courses in French -> B1 in French
- Courses in English -> B1 in English
- Bilingual study program -> B1 in French and B1 in English

Attention, for the students attending courses at HEC Management School - University of Liege, the minimal required level is B2 in French (if their courses are in French) and/or in English (if their courses are in English).

4. Moreover, students must append a transcript of records in previous Higher Education study years.

5. All these documents have to be sent before the deadlines (see below)

When the full file has been accepted, the student will receive his acceptance letter.

Deadlines for applications

 Exchange period Online registration    Deadline to send the Application Form duly signed
 1st term and full academic year from 1st March to 15 May  31 May
 2nd term from 1st October to 1 November  15 November

NB: After these deadlines, the forms will no longer be accessible or admissible. In addition, the printed form MUST be signed and stamped by the coordinator; otherwise it will not be considered.

Training and research stays : as you will not follow courses, the online form is open all along the year.


Contact(s) :
Université de Liège
Relations Internationales - Mobilité des Etudiants
Marta Kucharska
Place du 20-Août, 7-9
B-4000 Liège

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