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047©michel houet-ulg - sujet= Mat POThe University of Liege wants to make you responsible for your education by encouraging participative teaching, multidisciplinarity, mobility and placements.

ULg provides one of the largest and most varied educational offers in the country. In these pages, you will find a full presentation of the courses at the ULg and their professional goals. You will also read explanations on their organisation.  

University life has its pace, its highlights and its moments of relaxation.  It is important to have a clear vision of the organisation of the academic year in order to appropriately manage your schedule so that you can take full advantage of the experience.

Your course at the ULg will be certified by a diploma. This will attest to the knowledge and experience that you have acquired. Discover here how the exams are organized, the appraisal and credit allocation method and what the ULg implements to improve the quality of the education. All of the academic rules are also made available on this website.

Finally, these pages will also provide you with links to the specific information of each Faculty and School.


Description of course programmes, learning outcomes and career openings

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 Course structure
 List of degree programmes offered
 Description of course programmes, learning outcomes and career openings
 Course programme
 Faculties and School
 Academic calendar
 Exams, credits (ECTS), qualifications
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