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Benefitting from demanding and internationally renowned instruction at a public and pluralistic university offering a full range of programs.
ULg numbers 17,000 students, 22% of whom are overseas students from 95 different countries.

Individualizing your academic path thanks to the multiplicity of programs, specializations, and modules on offer.
ULg offers 34 bachelor's programs, 172 master's programs (21% of which are unique in French-speaking Belgium), 60 complementary master's and hundreds of options. The course offer is the largest in French-speaking Belgium!

Having a large student support network at your disposal.
At ULg, 2,000 people are assigned fully or partially to different facets of student support. The campus is covered with a Wi-Fi network, while online tutoring, group seminars and individual appointments are also available.

Learning foreign languages as early as the first year of a bachelor's program.
ULg offers language teaching in all fields of study, courses given in foreign languages, two master's programs given entirely in English, e-learning via the @lter courses, etc.

Broadening your international perspectives with mobility programs.
ULg has over 1,000 agreements with more than 600 universities in Flanders, Europe and the rest of the world.

Receiving an education with the aid of the most advanced technology in a university which is at the centre of ambitious research and development programs.
ULg boasts the largest university library in Belgium with nearly 3 million works, the Space Centre, the Cyclotron, a ship testing tank, aerodynamic wind tunnel, etc.


Finally, the University of Liège has:

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