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MARCH 2017

HEC Entrepreneurs: six years of experience in one year


In-house missions and high-level training: this specialist Masters is open to graduates from the Master 120. Applications before 31 March.


Student entrepreneur summit


This Venture Lab event showcases young entrepreneurs who are students at ULg or another establishment in the Pôle Liège-Luxembourg.
Online certificate: becoming a manager of tomorrow! 


An interuniversity distance-learning programme built around the key-competences to develop to move towards middle-management roles.


Journée Enseignement Secondaire - Mardi 31 janvier


Découvrir les études universitaires autrement ! 62 ateliers participatifs ouverts aux rhétoriciens...
Réussir à l'université


Gérer la matière, son temps, les examens... L'ULg donne rendez-vous aux futurs étudiants pour se préparer à ces grands changements.
Making the right choices


For pupils in their last year of secondary school, an afternoon to think about the classes and professions on offer, organised by the University Careers Advice Service. 
Preparing for the doctorate

18/01/2017  —  17/04/2017

From January 2017, the ULg is offering a three-month certificate to prepare for the doctorate. In French or in English!
Certificate in food chain control

17/01/2017  —  23/05/2016

The objective of this high level practical course organised at ULg from January is to manage the health risks relating to the food chain.
Seminaires Executive Degrees HEC Liège

16/01/2017  —  29/03/2017

18 séminaires pour professionnels en horaire décalé dans les domaines de la finance, de la fiscalité... à la carte dès janvier.
Certificate in QSE management


This new certificate enables students to acquire an integrated methodology for managing quality, safety and environmental risks within companies.
MESSAGE IMPORTANT : Enneigement et examens

13/01/2017  —  13/01/2017

Prévisions météorologiques difficiles: prenez connaissance des dispositions mises en place à l'Université.
Construction and energy performance


A certificate in mastering the scientific techniques and processes which ensure that a building has optimal energy and environmental performances.
For parents of pupils at the end of secondary school


Is your son or daughter thinking of going to university? In January, discussions meetings will take place at Verviers, Arlon and Liège to help them make the right choices and provide them with support.
Copy of ULg at the Salon de Lille

12/01/2017  —  14/01/2017

Students in the Lille area can come to meet ULg representatives at the Grand Palais during the Salon du Lycéen et de l'Étudiant.
Concours "Ca plane pour toi"


Quel planeur volera le plus loin ? Tentez l'expérience ! Inscriptions jusqu'au 24 mars en Faculté des Sciences Appliquées.


Relevez le défi : "Faites le Pont" !


Découvrez les fondements des sciences et techniques de l'ingénieur. Concours pour futurs étudiants et étudiants. Inscriptions pour le 25 janvier.
Bourses Pisart : 30 futurs ingénieurs récompensés


Ces bourses sont attribuées à des rhétoricien(ne)s pour leurs résultats et motivation à entreprendre des études d'ingénieur à l'Université de Liège.
Exams just around the corner

10/12/2016  —  17/12/2016

 Sart Tilman - Bâtiment B31 - Auditoire Portalis

Our university success specialists offer ULg students seminars on being effective during the exam preparation period.
Woody Wood Poker: the Challenge Bois is back!

07/12/2016  —  27/01/2017

The competition brings together 30 ULg engineering students around a major challenge, which is due to end on 27 January 2017 at Wex.
Study spaces for revision in December and January

06/12/2016  —  31/01/2017

Extended library opening hours and additional study rooms at the ULg and partner institutions of the Pôle Académique Liège-Luxembourg.

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