JULY 2016


Dans Nature, l’équipe internationale d’astronomes apporte des observations complémentaires sur la composition et l’atmosphère de deux de ces exoplanètes.


L’ULg les installe sur trois grands parkings du campus du Sart Tilman. Cet équipement permettra de fournir annuellement 400 000 kWh.

JUNE 2016


A graduate in civil engineering architecture, she has been recognised for her work on mud-brick constructions in Burkina Faso.


A graduate in Population and Development Sciences, his dissertation focussed on the crisis in healthcare staffing in developing countries.


La Wallonie de demain. Ce 29 juin, soirée annuelle du Smart City Institute avec remise des prix aux projets entrepreneuriaux des étudiants.


Performing under the name of _Le Dé_, Damien is well established on the hip-hop scene, while at the same time finishing his Masters in Population and Development Sciences.


A ULg team has shown that controlling the responsiveness of neurons is one of the means by which we maintain our cognitive function.


Research Laetitia Delrez has won a prize for her work on the exploration of potentially habitable exoplanets.
Why study philosophy at school?


Originally known as a ‘course about nothing’, should the philosophy and citizenship course incorporate standards or question them? An analysis with the philosopher Anne Herla.


She will soon take part in her first Olympic Games, a major step for our geographical sciences student, who is a major champion and flag-bearer for ULg ‘sports students’.


In this No. 255, Quentin Michel’s opinion on Brexit, the French professors’ conference in Liège, technology in our daily lives and the summer game.


Researchers have observed a large concentration of methane off the coast of the North Sea. This study takes us back 16,000 years in time.
AVTV18: The argonomy of the future 


Wallonia is preparing for revolutions in agronomy. From Arlon to Gembloux, modern technologies are being put into place through AgroOptimize and the Terra Centre.


Professor in Tax and Public Finance Law, Marc Bourgeois, was awarded the Belgian Taxman Award 2016 on Wednesday in Brussels.


The state of health of the HEC-Ulg Iranian doctor, who was sentenced to six years in prison, is deteriorating. The Iranian authorities should be asked to release him under supervision and to receive treatment.
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