JULY 2015


Ce 31 juillet, se termine la dernière édition de ce stage à destination de 14 acteurs des industries minérale, minière et métallurgique des pays en développement.


'Near-death experiences’ are relatively frequent. However, they’re not all the same: in particular, those experienced by patients with locked-in syndrome.


The first results of a large-scale research project conducted over a five-year period challenge previous knowledge of the overall carbon budget for the continent.


Less than 20 days until the event opens! 1,500 young people will come to Liège to get creative with the international French-speaking community.


Is replanting forests a good idea? Undoubtedly, but doing so risks the destruction of grassy habitats that have an exceptionally rich biodiversity warn researchers at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.


Combined observations by means of the Hisaki and Hubble satellites have made it possible to identify one of the previously poorly understood mechanisms of aurorae on Jupiter.


This digital journal devoted to the anthropology of childhood, is publishing an issue on a highly topical research subject: ethics.


Between 19 and 23 July, Liège will host the ‘HACKxPLOR’, an international hackathon focussing on the audiovisual production, creation and broadcast as part of the World French Language Forum.


At the heart of research: measuring objects in three dimensions, in light of the digital revolution and the incessant flow of images.


For six years, the level of ethane in the atmosphere has been increasing. A team from the University of Liege has identified the cause: the extraction of shale gas in the United States.

JUNE 2015


Most cases of sensorineural deafness are due to the destruction of hair cells present in the inner ear. What about successfully creating new cells?


In order to support the development of its research activities, the Cyclotron has extended its building and provided itself with new equipment.


The 3D food printer, developed by researchers at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech as part of their Smart Gastronomy Lab, is being presented at the Universal Exhibition.
The bizarre urban exodus of boars and foxes 


Lucienne Strivay examines our reactions to these wild animals which, to our amazement and fear, appear to prefer the urban environment


The idea is gaining ground in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers remain guarded and continue to request academic expertise before replacing their stainless steel vats.
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