APRIL 2014


Does operating as early as possible on patients with a paralyzing lumbar disc herniation provide them with a better chance of motor recovery? A team of researchers from Liege has been trying to find out.


Does Wallonia have a future? By Jacques Pelerin, Member of the Royal Belgian Academy, Guest Professor at HEC-ULg, President of UWEL.


How can you make the best estimation of the volume of a standing tree in a tropical rainforest? A young researcher develops a method.


On 23 April, Professor Edouard Louis, head of the Hepato-Gastroenterology and Digestive Oncology Department at the Liège CHU was awarded this prize.


 Cité Miroir, place Xavier Neujean, 22 à 4000 Liège

Ce 26 avril, la MSH propose le gala de clôture du concours d'expressions citoyennes au cours duquel les finalistes défendront oralement leurs idées.


Even if there is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the extent of the rise in sea level, building dykes will cost less than repairing likely damage.


A second round will take place on Monday 5 May to enable the University committee to elect its next rector: Professor Albert Corhay or Professor Pierre Wolper.


On 27 April, Movement Science students are organising a race in the Sart Tilman woods, to raise funds for Télévie.
Can we make the dead talk?


Can a victim’s body identify its murderer? For Philippe Boxho, we should take the claims made in TV series with a pinch of salt.


The spin-off won the ‘Green Building Solutions Award’ for its innovative and dynamic underfloor heating system.


A new area has opened up in the Opéra galleries in the centre of town. A retail outlet and a place for reading and events, open to all students and ULg members.


In this 233rd edition, we take a look at Insectopolis, the insect festival at Gembloux, food preferences and put four questions to Pierre Duysinx about the next Shell Eco Marathon.


Le 6e congrès de l’Association belge francophone de science politique se tient à l’ULg. Chercheurs belges et internationaux se penchent sur le concept de «crise».


ULg will conduct tests on the seal of one of the elements of the launcher for future Ariane rockets. The inauguration of the cryogenic bank will take place on 8 April.


 Salle académique, Bât A1, Place du 20-Août, 7 à 4000 Liège

Une conférence par le Pr Vincent Castronovo (ULg). Au profit du Télévie.

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