Message from the ULg authorities about the terrorist alert situation in the region. At this stage, activities continue as usual on campus.


Thanks to the efforts of the Laboratory of Metastases Research, a specific treatement to some types of breast cancer, known as triple negative, may be on the horizon.


For its 21st edition on 26 November, the Congress of Belgian French-speaking economists will bring together more than 50 experts on the ULg Sart-Tilman campus.


Osteoarthritis, a direct consequence of ageing and inactivity among the population is no longer an inescapable condition. We are perhaps on the cusp of a veritable revolution in terms of the treatment of this disease.


On 14 November, at Heerlen, Maxime Faniel and Romain Toussaint were awarded the first Euregional Prize for Architecture for their reMEMORE project.


Involving four teams from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, FIELD aims to develop innovative natural components for the pesticides of the future.


The University community expresses its emotion and shows support for those who have lost loved ones. Public meeting on Tuesday at 5.30pm in Liège. 
Must we work at all costs?


What shared points are there between being unemployed and retired? For the sociologist Laurent Nisen, both have to be seen to be active to gain society’s approval.

AVTV03: Books in all forms 


In this, the third issue, _A Votre Tour d'y Voir_ looks at the book, as an object and in terms of its preservation. With Stéphanie Simon and Björn-Olaf Dozo. 


ULg planetologists are directly involved in the most recent discoveries by NASA and ESA about the red planet.


Dans le cadre de la 8e Foire du Livre politique de Liège, table-ronde autour de l’ouvrage dirigé par R. Brahy et E. Dumont, Dialogues sur la diversité.


 Palais des Académies, rue Ducale 1, 1000 Bruxelles

Le Tax Institute ULg co-organise ce 5/11 à Bruxelles une importante journée d'étude sur l'imposition et les règles européennes en matière d'aide d'Etat.


Le service public au coeur de la régulation


Quel impact aurait la privatisation d'entreprises comme la SNCB ou bpost ? Pour Axel Gautier, professeur à HEC-ULg, tout est une question de régulation.


 Palais des Congrès de Namur, Place d'Armes, 1 à 5000 Namur

On 5 and 6 November in Namur, the Smart Gastronomy Lab is hosting conferences exploring the connections between cooking, design, gastronomy, sciences, art and technology.


A specialist in space missions, he worked for more than 25 years in NASA centres. In 2010, he received an [[][honorary doctorate from the ULg].
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