JULY 2015


For six years, the level of ethane in the atmosphere has been increasing. A team from the University of Liege has identified the cause: the extraction of shale gas in the United States.


Il reste moins de 20 jours avant l'ouverture de l'événement ! 1500 jeunes à Liège pour se créActiver avec la communauté francophone internationale.

JUNE 2015


Most cases of sensorineural deafness are due to the destruction of hair cells present in the inner ear. What about successfully creating new cells?


In order to support the development of its research activities, the Cyclotron has extended its building and provided itself with new equipment.


The 3D food printer, developed by researchers at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech as part of their Smart Gastronomy Lab, is being presented at the Universal Exhibition.
The bizarre urban exodus of boars and foxes 


Lucienne Strivay examines our reactions to these wild animals which, to our amazement and fear, appear to prefer the urban environment


The idea is gaining ground in the pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers remain guarded and continue to request academic expertise before replacing their stainless steel vats.


Professor Edouard Louis is proposing to test and assess the risks and benefits of a new treatment regime for Crohn’s disease.


The ULg delegation, led by the Rector, Professor Albert Corhay, will finalise agreements in three areas (neurosciences, agronomy and management).


Traditionally, in psychiatry, hearing voices is considered a sign of psychosis. And yet, there are also voice hearers who aren’t suffering from a psychiatric illness.


Pour le bicentenaire de Waterloo, Culture ULg propose un panorama sélectif de sa représentation, avec l'éclairage historique du Pr Philippe Raxhon.


Property law for couples: a reference tool supporting harmonisation of the property status of separated couples under the ‘community property’ regime.


 Aquarium-Muséum, Quai Edouard Van Beneden, 22 à 4020 Liège

On the programme for the evening of 19 June: discover the lagoon, the shark area, free guided tour, feeding the fish,...


Sea ice absorbs the CO2 in the atmosphere. An unheard-of phenomenon ten years ago, it’s shaking up what we know about the dynamics of greenhouse gases.


The Laboratory of Human Motion Analysis is capable of detecting movements or positions that can injure the body of a sportsperson. As is the case of the serve in a high level tennis player.
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