Espace Duesberg, Boulevard des Gérardchamps, 7c à 4800 Verviers

En ouverture de l’Espace universitaire de l’ULg à Verviers, le Pr Pierre Somville donnera une conférence ce lundi 22 septembre à 20h à l'Espace Duesberg.


 Campus du Sart Tilman, asbl Integrasport, rue de l'Aunaie 25, 4031 Liège (Angleur)

Semaine de la mobilité : rendez-vous ce vendredi dès 7h30 au Sart Tilman. Petit-déjeuner, prêt de vélo, atelier de réparation... et un Défi vélo à relever pour tous à l'ULg !


What changes will be brought about by the new reform of public markets voted for by the European Union? Ann Lawrence Durviaux reveals several likely changes.


En introduction au guide publié par SMart, Culture se penche sur le parcours de l'artiste, qui est loin d'être une sinécure.


In Belgium, a child can stay in prison with its mother up to the age of three years. How many such children live behind bars and in what conditions?


Nine new dates on the 2014-2015 programme, starting on 22 September with Professor Pierre Somville. Not to be missed!


Dans ce n°236, qui exceptionnellement contient 16 pages, la première rentrée du recteur Albert Corhay.


War and game: a collaborative essay explores what these terms have in common but it also reveals many particular aspects of this alliance.


Liège, 1297 : quand le chevalier Guillaume, seigneur de Waroux, enlève et épouse une riche serve promise à un autre ...


Scientific research and pilot actions conducted in the context of the Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Plan (PPSM) have been the subject of a publication.


As early as 1921, Simon Kimbangu prophesied a reversal of the power relations between the Belgians and the Congolese, citing passages from the Bible as proof of his predictions.


The building permits have been issued for part of the accommodation which will take shape near the existing student residences.



The Geomatics Unit is an ESA partner in the approval phase of the first constellation of Galileo satellites.


Do well-adjusted teenagers see themselves in a different light than obese and depressed youngsters? A ULg team of psychologists Have studied the question closely.


Starting on 1 September, every evening at 8.25pm, La Trois will broadcast a presentation by one of the 18 doctoral students from the final organised at the ULg in May.
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