Les "Zapeuprès" et les "Vas-y Ginette!" se retrouveront ce 5 novembre 2014 pour vous divertir au profit de la solidarité!


 Salle académique, Bât A1, Place du 20-Août, 7 à 4000 Liège

Le 5 novembre, le Pr Damien Ernst abordera les questions de la sécurité d'approvisionnement électrique et des risques liés au délestage.


The university authorities are “dismayed” and have reacted strongly against the activity proposed by CB Philo-Lettres.


Lead by Professor Eric Haubruge, First Vice-Rector, our delegation is playing an active role in the Belgian economic mission.


 Espace Opéra ULg, RDC de la Galerie Opéra, Place de la République française à 4000 Liège

Le 23 octobre à l'Espace Opéra ULg, présentation par Daniele Sanzone de son ouvrage qui vient de recevoir le 19e prix national Borsellino.


Culture is devoting a special feature to the exhibition at the Cité Miroir. Professor Jean-Patrick Duchesne, its scientific organiser, has been preparing it for years.


Replacing polymers extracted from petroleum by others that are extracted from the plant world has become a necessity. The Industrial Biological Chemistry Unit of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech is studying the process.


L’ouvrage « 1914-1918. Vivre la guerre à Liège et en Wallonie » commémore dignement le centenaire du déclenchement du conflit.


In the company of Hélène Collard, Culture analyses and interprets the paintings on a vase produced in Athens at the beginning of the 5th century B.C.


Upon the initiative of Professor Castronovo, Dr. Nishiyama, the President of the Japanese Oncology Association, has signed a translational research agreement.


It is often forgotten that, in order to decode the information provided by an MRI scan, the input of engineers and physicists is required. A study has confirmed that doctors are not the only contributors...


The current crisis is a good starting point for revisiting the development of economic law and the values that led to the globalization of neoliberal democracy. This process is mirrored in the work “Crisis and economic law”.


Between the 12th and 16th centuries Europe was the site of many “artistic transfers”. The mobility of artists, works of art, styles or techniques is the subject of a book co-directed by Benoît Van den Bossche.


In May 2014, a team from the 'Systems and Modelling' Research Unit at the University of Liège won the 'Neural Connectomics Challenge'. How did the adventure begin?


A l’initiative de l’ULg, le 1er Congrès international sur l’Activité Physique et le Sport chez l’Enfant fait le point sur les activités physiques et sportives adaptées.
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