The Geomatics Unit is an ESA partner in the approval phase of the first constellation of Galileo satellites.


Do well-adjusted teenagers see themselves in a different light than obese and depressed youngsters? A ULg team of psychologists Have studied the question closely.


Starting on 1 September, every evening at 8.25pm, La Trois will broadcast a presentation by one of the 18 doctoral students from the final organised at the ULg in May.


A very good example of fundamental research leading to the discovery of a new function of a protein. And, ultimately, why not a new means of fighting thrombosis?


Last weekend, during the events organised by Shell around the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the team presented its project and went from one surprise to the next.


The IAP programme is being threatened once again. The University community is invited to support the petition.


He will cover the transition period until the end of the international recruitment process for a new Dean and Chief Executive of HEC-ULg.


 Palais des Congrès de Liège

J.-L. Servan-Schreiber, Pierre Kroll, Isabelle Autissier, Herman Van Rompuy, and Paul Jorion,... the new season opens on 2 October.


Au travers d'une matinée de conférences, d'une projection de film et d'un concert commémoratif, l'ULg se souvient et explique ces événements tragiques.

JULY 2014


A thesis has analyzed the rate at which environment protection policy is being integrated into the CAP. It shows that respect for the environment has increasingly become a condition of financial aid.


For the first time, astrophysicists have observed X-ray pulsations from a massive star. A new and surprising discovery which raises new questions.


According to a study carried out at ULg, they are very open to same-sex marriage and LGBT parenting.


With his group Pale Grey, the musician and student will be playing at the majority of the festivals in Wallonia. Portrait of a young man with a double life.


For Culture, Denis Saint-Amand draws up an inventory of the various procedures which fall under the French word ‘détournement’: satire, parody, caricature, collage.


For Culture, Bastien Martin takes a quick look at 13 unmissable films for the summer holidays … if the weather sends you indoors.
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