This digital journal devoted to the anthropology of childhood, is publishing an issue on a highly topical research subject: ethics.


 CHU de Liège, Quartier HOPITAL, Bât. B35, Avenue de l'Hôpital, 1 à 4000 Liège (Sart Tilman)

Tout au long du mois d'octobre, sous la verrière du CHU, une exposition consacrée au savoir-faire et à l’esthétique du designer liégeois Baudouin Fettweis.


1915: the centenary of the Battle of Waterloo will be the subject of a specific examination. This fascinating study looks at this shift in history.


For ICT DAY 2015, LiègeTogether has invited Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab. Takes place on 15/10 at the Palais des Congrès in Liège.


Philippe Ghosez and his team have designed two materials with exceptional properties. One may carve itself a place in the electronics of the future, and the other in the production of electricity.


Mice who have lived in space have thinner skin than control mice who remained on Earth. They also show changes to the hair follicles and a non-loadbearing muscle.


Examining the foundations of political science and looking at its evolution and diversity: that is the aim of the book Fondements de science politique. It aims to provide common ground for students from different universities.


The ULg mathematician won the international final of the ‘My three-minute thesis’ competition, which took place in Paris. 


The art collection department is presenting the work of the English photographer, poet and film-maker.


The identification of the role of micro RNA in the differentiation of cells in the ear opens the door to the possibility of regenerating ciliated cells.


 Château de Colonster, Bât. B25, Allée des Erables, 1 à 4000 Liège (Sart Tilman)

The series of meetings to stimulate creative initiative in the region will start again on 7 October at an evening devoted to three-dimensionality in all its forms.


Un colloque à l'ULg fait le point sur l'évolution des risques de santé au travail. Et pose des questions qui bousculent l’organisation même de notre système de prévention.


To mark the start of the academic year, on 1 October the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) in Liège will be looking at the inspiration it can draw from MSHs in France for its future development.



At the Coma Science Group, a functional MRI can identify, within ten minutes, the condition of patients affected by consciousness disorders.


On 15 October, the ‘Jean Rey’ European conference series will begin with Dora Bakoyannis, Member of the Greek parliament.
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