Auditoire De Méan, Bât. B31, Quartier AGORA, Boulevard du Rectorat, 7 à 4000 Liège (Sart Tilman)

The diplomatic action of the United Kingdom today and its challenges for tomorrow. Par S.E. Madame Alison Rose, Ambassadeur du Royaume-Uni.


Some cognitive functions appear to vary depending on the season, according to a study published in the journal PNAS by a team of ULg researchers.


Avec, dans ce numéro 251, une formation en gestion de l'eau, le soutien de l'ULg à l'hôpital de Panzi, un atelier sur l'éthique en recherche et l'étude du SEGEFA sur la vitalité des centres-villes.
AVTV09: Coma and near death experiences 


A Votre Tour d'y Voir takes you to the frontiers of brain death, to meet researchers from the Coma Science Group.

What improvements can be made to our smartphone batteries?


To respond to technological developments, Nathalie Job, from the Department of Chemical Engineering, is researching how to improve the battery life of our devices.


The 4 February is the World Day Against Cancer. Feedback on research carried out at ULg.



 Salle académique, Bât A1, Place du 20-Août, 7 à 4000 Liège

On 2 February, PACODEL has invited Alexander De Croo, the federal Minister for Cooperation to discuss Political priorities and the role of various stakeholders.


The University of Liège has reaffirmed its support for colleagues in Turkey by signing a petition for peace, and condemning the reaction of the Turkish authorities towards them.


The ULg has established a one-stop shop reception and orientation service for asylum seekers – students and researchers – who want to join our classes or laboratories.
AVTV08: Sport, from the first steps through to top performance


From children who are trying out a sport at a young age through to high level athletes, A Votre Tour d'y Voir looks at the analysis of the sporting movement.


Ce 26 janvier, plus de 150 représentants des institutions du Pôle académique Liège-Luxembourg se réunissent pour une première journée de réflexion.


This 250th edition includes articles on the 700 years since the Paix de Fexhe, a certificate in clinical nutrition, a plea for a modern Islam, and the career path of an archaeologist …
AVTV07: The various facets of geography


Geography now goes beyond borders to explore many different terrains. A Votre Tour d'y Voir explains how it supports your daily life.

Why not use rape seed as fuel? 


Widely cultivated in Wallonia, could rape seed fuel our cars? For Aurore Richel, the use of biomass must not create other imbalances.


Reef-building corals may bleach as a result of high sea surface temperature. We now have a better understanding of the primary mechanisms of this phenomenon.
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