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Global Politics & Political Affairs

Starting next September, the University of Liège will offer a new one-year Masters programme in political science taught entirely in English.

Power, democracy, globalization, Europe's influence on global governance, migration crisis, human rights, cybercriminality, conflicts... These topics are on national and international news every day.

In order to train specialists with the necessary skills to understand the issues of the current world, the Department of Political Science at the University of Liège offers a new program entitled 'Global Politics and Political Affairs', taught entirely in English.

Discover here this new programme.

Keys to grasp current global trends and act upon them

This new Masters aims at providing advanced knowledge, tools and methods to analyze and decypher all aspects of local and global politics: evolution, stakes, political actors and degrees of interaction, levels of decison making... The purpose of this new programme is to better understand how our institutions work and the complexity of today's world in all its many aspects.

A programme taught exclusively in English

Fotolia 81849057 XS 176x144The range of masters programmes offered by the Department of Political science is comprehensive. programmes in Public administration, International relations, European policies, joint programmes with partner universities abroad and a 60-credit programme in French have been part of our offer for years. From now on, students also have to opportunity to enroll into a 60-credit programme in English!

This is a chance for French-speaking students to become bilingual and to enhance their skills at an international level and for international students to have access to a high-quality programme taught in English!

Some examples of classes : Comparative politics, Democracy in America, European economic governance, Law and Practice of International organizations, International Relations of the European Union, Foreign policy Analysis, Strategis stakes in Globalization…

Participative and multi-faceted teaching methods

Lectures, group work and plenary discussions alternate with debates, student presentations and presentations by renowned external speakers... The goal is to diversify learning activities, promote interactivity, develop critical thinking and to meet everyone's expectations. A graduate thesis based on a research topic is required to complete the programme. This thesis will be written and presented publicly in English.

Who is this programme intended for?

  • Students currently enrolled in a Bachelor in Political Science will be allowed to choose this new programme.
  • Foreign students who will choose this programme will join other international students at our university (who make up 23% of the student population) and will be able to discover Liège and its pleasant student life.        

Note: Non EU students: application must be submitted by April 30 / EU students: application must be submitted by mid-August

  • Erasmus students will be able to opt for a programme taught entirely in English.
  • For students who already have a university degree in Social Sciences and Humanities this programme is a unique opportunity to boost their career by getting a new degree in only a year.
  • Students at other higher education institutions who are allowed to access this Masters programme will enhance their skills and increase their chances of being succesful on the job market.

! Important: Completion of extra credits may be required for some students. In that case, supplementary classes will also be taught in English !

What next? Exciting career opportunities!

Many options exist for students with a degree in Political science from the University of Liège, in Belgium as well as abroad. Their employability rate is excellent: over 90% of them find a job within a year. The programme in Political science trains future executives in public services and companies. The English programme also prepares students for international careers (diplomacy, lobbying, international organizations, NGOs, political journalism...) and for positions in the private sector (banks, insurance companies...) as well as in civil society.

More info:

Contact(s) : Pr. Sebastian Santander - Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology - +32 4 3663046 -
Information on the studies - +32 4 366 56 74 -

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