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Our 38 bachelors degrees per area of study

  Architecture and Urban Planning     Architecture



Languages, Literature and

Romance languages and letters

Modern languages and letters, general orientation
Modern languages and letters, Germanic orientation
Ancient languages and letters, Classical orientation
Ancient languages and letters, Eastern orientation

Translation and Interpreting** 


History, history of art and archeology

History of art and archeology, general orientation
History of art and archeology, Musicology orientation


Information and communication

Information and Communication


Political and Social Sciences 

Political Sciences
Sociology and Anthropology
Human and social sciences




Economics and Business Management 

Economical and management sciences
Management engineering


Psychology and Education 

Psychology and Education
Psychology and Education: Speech and Language Therapy


Medical Sciences



Veterinary Sciences

Veterinary medicine


Dental Sciences 

Dental Sciences

  Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences

Biomedical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences


Motricity Sciences

Motricity Sciences
Physiotherapy and readaptation



Mathematical Sciences
Computer Sciences
Physical Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Biological Sciences
Geological Sciences
Geographical Sciences, general orientation


  Agronomy and Bioengineering Bioengineering
Landscape Design*** 

Engineering Sciences and Technology

Engineering Sciences, civil engineer orientation
Engineering Sciences, civil engineer in architecture orientation

*Since the academic year 2010-2011, both the "Institut Supérieur Lambert Lombard" and the "Institut Supérieur Saint Luc de Wallonie - site de Liège", joined the University of Liege within a new Faculty of Architecture. 
** These courses are jointly organised by the University of Liège and the "Haute Ecole de la Ville de Liège".

*** These courses are organised in cooperation with Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, the Haute Ecole Charlemagne of the French-speaking Community and the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB.


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