Information and Communication Technology Department


 General Manager :

 Didier Korthoudt
 Tél. +32 4 366 49 01
 Secretariat :
 Véronique Matterne
 Tél. +32 4 366 49 09
 Fax. +32 4 366 29 20


Role and tasks

The General IT department (SEGI) was created in 1981 by the Board of Directors of the University and depends directly on it.

The SEGI is apt in terms of logistics in all automatic IT processing domains. As well as the usual IT systems, this covers micro-computing and office automation, computer techniques applied to multimedia, IT networks, telephone over IP, management of the institution's servers, Internet and Intranet services, institution's administrative applications, ...

The SEGI is in charge of offering the Board of Directors an appropriate organisation of the general interest IT means required for the successful running of the University. In this respect, it is in particular responsible for:

  • offering a general strategy with a view to distributing these IT resources in the best possible way, both in terms of equipment and staff, by avoiding any duplication of tasks which would lead to an overall increase in costs;
  • drawing up recommendations regarding the standards, network architecture, database systems and any general interest system;
  • giving an opinion prior to all purchases, rentals and use of computing equipment (computer and accessories) or software in question, in order to ensure the compatibility and reduce the maintenance costs, with the exception of the usual office automation equipment;
  • giving an opinion to the Board of Directors on the planned budget and accounts of the Decentralised Computing Units (DCU);
  • managing the computing means, networks and applications for which it is responsible.

The SEGI is in charge of ensuring the development, maintenance and use of the IT management applications defined by the Board.

The SEGI performs external services falling within the scope of its own skills while maintaining a priority service for the University. These services are defined in strategic terms by the Board of Directors upon the SEGI's proposals.

The SEGI is run by a management consulting committee that is directly liable before the Board of Directors of the University.

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