Appel 2017 "Bourses et mandats de finalisation de doctorat dans les domaines non couverts par le FRIA"


Bourses et mandats de finalisation de doctorat réservés aux titulaires de diplômes dans les domaines non couverts par le FRIA. Date limite : 16/10/2017

Université de Liège

Formations professionnelles à l'ULg


L'ULg propose à son personnel un panel de formations permettant d'élargir ses connaissances, d'acquérir de nouvelles compétences ou encore d'échanger ses expériences.

Researcher at the ULg

Doing research at university, and in particular at the ULg means

  • joining excellent research centres to devote yourself to a passion, develop in this passion, and contribute, within a team, to the development of new knowledge;
  • meeting with other national and international researchers;
  • belonging to a nice millennium town, at the crossroads of 4 countries, with its rich and flourishing industrial past and its culture, dynamic in its re-development.

Each year, the ULg welcomes around one hundred new young researchers, granted on research contracts or preparing a doctoral thesis, as well as visiting lecturers and foreign researchers. As a European mobility centre, approved by the Belgian government for writing the convention related to the “scientific visa”, the ULg provides researchers with its expertise and experience to enable them, in Liege and abroad, to have a successful stay, both on a personal and professional level. The assistance and proximity of the lecturers and researchers who welcome them more directly is extremely important. 

Also each year, more than 150 Doctoral students present their thesis and consider continuing this adventure which they have a passion for.  Numerous researchers are also appointed by contract, and wonder about their future in this career. Whether you are from here or from elsewhere, welcome to the University of Liege.

Your life as a researcher will definitely be on the same scale as your passion …  

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