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Journées internationales 2014

05/11/2014  —  06/11/2014

Faites une partie de vos ETUDES ou un STAGE à l'étranger!

The ULg at the Futura fair in Barcelona

20/10/2014  —  24/10/2014

After Münster, Strasbourg, Lille, and Paris... the ULg is travelling to Barcelona in March.

Camorra Sound


Présentation par Daniele Sanzone qui, pour son ouvrage, vient de recevoir le 19e prix national Borsellino.

Espace Opéra ULg, RDC de la Galerie Opéra, Place de la République française à 4000 Liège

Cours de l'Espace universitaire de Liège


La société nouvelle : la famille (la femme et l’enfant) de Napoléon à Léopold 1er. (Freddy Joris, IPW)

Grand Amphithéâtre de l'Institut d'Anatomie, rue de Pitteurs 20 à 4020 Liège

Cours de l'Espace universitaire de Liège


La sixième réforme de l’Etat (Christian Behrendt, Ulg)

Grand Amphithéâtre de l'Institut d'Anatomie, rue de Pitteurs 20 à 4020 Liège

Living at ULg

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Your itinerary at ULg is your story and you're the author.
While you're at university, you'll find a set of resources on this website to answer your questions.

 How should you manage your study plan?  Which master's degree should you choose after your bachelor's degree? What steps do you need to take? Who should you ask to find out how to study better or deal with stress? What possibilities are there for studying abroad? Where can you find out about your rights, and find help in case of difficulty? Find the answers in these pages. 

It goes without saying that living at ULg means studying and constructing your education. But that's not all. It's also quite simply means living. Meeting new friends, making plans, facing difficulties, making choices. In short, being open to new experiences and the world around you. 

What can you do with your spare time? As well as student life, there's culture, sport and all sorts of entertainment; there's certainly plenty of choice. On this website you'll find a whole range of suggestions to make the most of your time at ULg. 

Planning and academic programme Using available resources in order to succeed And fulfilling your potential
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