Scholarships for foreign students enrolled in a Master

Union EuropéenneScholarships for foreign European students

Scholarship for European students or assimilate wishing to enroll in a master's or complementary master's program at ULg.
Duration: one or two years (depending on the master's program); one year (advanced master's)

2016-2017 academic year
Rules - Application Form
Application deadlines : 01/06/2016 (1st call) and 01/08/2016 (2nd call)

Scholarships for non-European students enrolled in a Master or an Advanced Master at the University of Liège. 

Conditions :
- students living and coming from a emerging or developping country
- graduated with a 2nd cycle diploma
Duration : one or two years (depending on the master), one year for an advanced master

Applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a ULg professor. In order to be able to contact a professor to get this letter, the applicant should have met the professor in the past (for example during a conference or course given in the home university or country) or should have been studied in a department/faculty who has scientific or academic strong partnerships with ULg.

2016-2017 academic year
Rules - Application Form
Application deadline : 30/04/2016

Contact(s) : Anne-Laure Villeminot

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