Research at ULg

One of the ULg’s main tasks is to carry out high-level research that is recognised throughout the world. More than half of the University’s budget is linked to research and it is one of the most active universities in regional, national and international research programmes. More than 2000 people, academics, scientists and technicians, are involved in research of a wide variety of subjects from basic research to applied research.

The size of the ULg enables inter-disciplinary research and, more generally, leads to successful relations between scientists and various disciplines. There are several partnerships with the industry sector.

A prospective mapping, a kind of research observatory at the ULg, is being developed. It must enable to track experience and achievements, but also to analyse strengths and weaknesses of the institution in terms of research.

A person devoted to this activity is appointed as from 2008, in coordination with the Strategic Education Observatory.

 The summary data is currently available as annual reports - Consult the last annual report (2005)

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