Appel 2014 "Bourses et mandats de finalisation de doctorat dans les domaines non couverts par le FRIA"


Bourses et mandats de finalisation de doctorat réservés aux titulaires de diplômes dans les domaines non couverts par le FRIA. Date limite : 15/10/2014

Université de Liège

Cérémonie de mise à l'honneur des docteurs avec thèse du 17 mai 2014


Pour la quatrième fois, l'Université de Liège met à l'honneur ses nouveaux docteurs avec thèse.

Salle de la Grande Main, Théâtre de Liège, Place du 20-Août, 16 à 4000 Liège

BEIPD - bannière

25 grants for foreign post-docs are offered at ULg

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ULg, a research university

The University of Liege devotes more than half of its annual budget to high-level research, recognized throughout the world. Its activities extend from fundamental to applied research.  More than 2000 people- lecturer/researchers, scientists and technicians- are involved in its research programmes. The moderate size of the University encourages inter-disciplinary research and, more generally, contacts between scientists from various disciplines. There exist numerous partnerships with the industrial sector and the University plays an active role in enhancing the creation of spin-off companies and guiding their development.

... open to all

In terms of research, the University of Liege offers several possibilities for

  • companies or organisations from both the public and private sectors who wish to set up partnerships or subcontract research tasks;
  • master's graduates wishing to engage in research while pursuing a doctorate;
  • post-doctoral researchers seeking to broaden the scope of their activities as part of one of our reputed research teams;
  • experienced researchers interested in an academic position enabling them to combine teaching activities with top range research activities.

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