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Your work under surveillance

In professional life it is common practice to have to draw up a report on a particular theme, an inventory, a collection of information, etc. It involves demonstrating your expertise whilst also respecting a whole series of ethical rules, including ensuring that there is no plagiarism in your work.

Plagiarism is the act of ‘copying (an author) by illegitimately ascribing passages of his or her work to yourself. To rob’ (translated from Le Robert illustré et Dixel 2012, 2011, p. 1467).

From the first to the last year at the University the production of written works aims in particular at students progressively putting into practice relevant documentary research, a critical mind and the ability to provide personal ideas on the subject in question, whilst permanently respecting ethical considerations.

To help teachers and students reach achieve these goals the ULg provides an ensemble of resources: to be consulted without moderation!


The brochure ‘Plagiarism: Not for me!’
Translation of the brochure ‘Plagiarism: Not for me!’ 


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