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Journée Mondiale sans tabac

31/05/2016  —  31/05/2016

Les implications du tabac sur la santé des fumeurs, le tabagisme passif,... des questions d'actualité brûlante ou "beaucoup de fumée sans feu" ?

Grève des bus et examens


En mai et juin, des grèves étant prévues, voici les dispositions prises à l’ULg.

21 mai et diversité culturelle avec l'ULg !

21/05/2016  —  21/05/2016

Plus que jamais, l'ULg réaffirme son attachement aux valeurs de citoyenneté, d'ouverture à la diversité et de non discrimination.

A car-sharing app for learning! 


Students in the 1st Masters in Information Technology Sciences and IT Civil Engineering present their integrated project! 

HERA Awards 2016 : 3 diplômés ULg se distinguent


Bravo à la lauréate et aux deux nominés du Master's Thesis Award for Future Generations - Sustainable Architecture 2016.

Building your own education at ULg

ULg currently offers one of the widest ranges in terms of education. Proof of this dynamism? More than one in five of the masters degrees on offer here are unique in French-speaking Belgium.

38 bachelors degree, 190 masters degree, 65 advanced masters courses, PhDs, numerous in-house training courses : ULg offers the possibility of putting together a personalised education programme, finely adjusted to everyone's plans and to the needs of the employment market.

More than ever, ULg wants to make its students responsible for their education by encouraging participative teaching, multidisciplinarity, mobility and placements.

Conscious that the world is constantly evolving, the University of Liège fully supports in-house training and is developing partnerships with the corporate world.

Designed as a toolbox, this site offers all the necessary instruments to forge your education: course programmes, explanations regarding the structure of the studies and how they function, the advantages of "ULg", choice of help available... Happy surfing!

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