Lifelong learning and continuing education

Diplômé en psychologie clinique ? Nouveau certificat


La Faculté de Psychologie vous propose une spécialisation/réorientation/mise à jour de vos connaissances en neuropsychologie clinique.

Prendre en charge les victimes d'actes de violence


La Faculté de Droit propose dès septembre un nouveau certificat en Victimologie clinique. 2 mots clés : approche originale et multidisciplinaire.

Penser autrement, gérer des projets créatifs, innover !


Nouveau Certificat en "Co-Creative Innovation" alliant cours théoriques, pratiques et réalisations de projets concrets en équipes transdisciplinaires.

Knowledge is advancing, so are you...

We are living in fascinating times. Knowledge, technology and know-how are evolving at a frantic pace, paving the way for new prospects every day. For those who know how to seize the opportunity, this reality offers incredible possibilities in terms of human and economic development.

formation continueThe university holds a privileged position at the heart of this growth in knowledge.
An interface between research and concrete applications, ULg considers continuing education as one of its focal points: it offers everyone the means to constantly remain in line with advances in knowledge.

All through the year, ULg offers a wide range of targeted courses.
Whether you are a graduate, a mature student, a company or a teacher, ULg will educate you all your life.

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