Staff mobility for training (STT)

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Outgoing mobility

Staff members working in the various departments and faculties as well as in the central administration of the University could greatly benefit from a visit to partner-universities. The ERASMUS program helps promote staff exchanges between European universities. These exchanges, in addition to enriching the individuals involved, also lead to partner institutions and networks employing convergent file processing procedures.

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MIS COMPISIncoming mobility

Between March 31st and April 4th, the University of Liège will organise the Erasmus Staff Training Week.

This year, two subjects are proposed:

  • The Libraries :  Overview of the organisation of the University Library Network (administrative and geographical); presentation of the digital projects (evolutions of the catalogues, website, institutional repository and other technological developments) and services to the community (education, loans, ILL…); visit of the branch libraries, main reserve and patrimonial collections. The programme will also be the place to exchange good practice and perspectives regarding the different tasks in a University library.

  • Student Services : Presentation of the different services offered to students during their studies, from the very beginning till their diploma and after (information about study programmes, special help for 1st-year-students, study guidance, quality of life, international office, alumni support service) and of the services offered to all populations of students (students with special needs, foreign students, exchange students).

    Provisionnal programme and application form

The working language will be French. The training capacity is 10 participants per group.

Registration deadline : January 31st.

Contact(s) : Raquel Melara - Service des Relations Internationales
Anne Goffin - Ressources Humaines

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