Emergency services and security

In the interests of your safety at the University:  Leaflet  


Like anywhere else, at the University of Liège anyone may come across a situation linked to security: a theft, an accident, the presence of a suspicious individual or suspicious behaviour, potentially dangerous objects, road safety, etc ... We can all play a role in preventing and limiting risks ... and when they do occur, we should take the appropriate steps.

For any security matters at ULg: 

Call the ULg Alarm Centre 24 hours a day on 04 366 4444


If you need URGENT help (injury, fire ...):

Call the emergency services, preferably from a ULg landline, as a call from a mobile phone is not easy for the emergency services to localise.


First call  

Then call



Calling 04366 4444 is required in order that the appropriate University services can react by: eg calling the emergency services, fire-fighting, giving the emergency services directions, allowing specialist staff to intervene, etc.


If you are the victim of a crime:

Always report it to both the Police and the University (Form).   
A crime can be reported at any police station in Belgium, it does not necessarily have to be in the commune where the crime took place.   
Your information is vital: it will help the police and university services to take adequate steps to avoid similar crimes happening again.   

You can contact the University security staff at any time on 04 366 4444 or by e-mail securite@ulg.ac.be 


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