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The University of Liege's pluralistic vision, its openess to political, social, technological and industrial realities, and its active involvement in European and international research programs as well as those facilitating student and researcher mobility are some of the values our University prides itself on and which give it its unique identity.

The development of the University of Liege over the next few years will require the active involvement  of a great number of individuals from the scientific, economic, political and cultural domains. Expected to play a leading role are ULg graduates, men and women who, whether living in the Liege area, elsewhere in Belgium or abroad, all share a common attachment to Liege and its university.

In reality, the University of Liege's capacity to have an impact on the region and the world will largely depend on  its ability to attract new sponsors. The University needs to raise several million euros in order to take up the challenges facing it: the financing of research, new chairs,  and grants and infrastructures, and the creation of an accrued capital fund to guarantee that activities undertaken can be sustained over the long term.

The commitment of ULg graduates and companies to ULg, its teachers and researchers, is such that we are confident that this new challenge will be met.


How to make a donation to the University of Liege.

You can contribute to ULg's development by making a bank transfer to account number (IBAN) BE 73340150187360 -  BIC code: BBRUBEBB .

Remember to indicate Prom ULg in the communication box. 

The University of Liège's Heritage Fund is authorized to receive donations and bequests which are tax-deductible if the donor is a Belgian citizen or a company subject to Belgian tax law.. 

Donations to the University of Liège are tax-deductible in Belgium: for instance, a 100 € donation will only cost the donor 65 € on average after deduction.*

A specific foundation may be created within the Heritage Fund of the University of Liege for donations or bequests of movable or immovable assets of 25,000 euros (37,000 dollars) and up. The accrued interests will be used in accordance with  the donor's wish, and the latter's name and memory will remain associated with the foundation as long as s/he so desires.

For more information: please contact Ms Monique Jacquemin by E-mail at, or by regular mail at the following address: Place du 20 Aout 7, 4000 Liege  -  Belgium

* Tax deductions apply to donations of 40 to 331,200 € for private donors, and 40 to 500,000 € for companies. To be tax-deductibe, the total amount of a donation cannot exceed 5 and 10% respectively of total income or revenue.

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