Partners of the University of Liege

  • Mosan Centre of higher and university education
  • Liege University Hospital (UH)
  • Embarcadère NPO
  • Aquarium-Museum, APAM NPO
  • Maison de la Science NPO
  • Confucius Institute in Liege
  • Sports centres of the Sart Tilman campus
  • Royal Athletic Students' Club (RCAE) NPO
  • Scientific Council of the sites and town-planning of the Sart Tilman campus
  • Friends of the Sart Tilman Estate NPO
  • Open-air Museum of Sart Tilman NPO
  • Observatory of the World of Plants NPO
  • University Choir of Liege - Royal Society NPO
  • Royal University Theatre of Liege NPO
  • Artistic collections
  • UniversSud - Liege
  • ULg network - Friends of the University of Liege
  • The University of the Third Age - Liege NPO
  • Scientific station of the High Fens
  • Submarine and oceanographic research station (Stareso)

Mosan Centre of higher and university education

Logo Pole Mosan

Created on 8th July 2002, the Mosan Centre covers 25 higher and university education establishments: universities, elite schools, greater institutes of Architecture, prestigious schools of Arts and higher education of social promotion. A centre of higher education, with European vocation and a global outlook on the Meuse-Rhine Euregio and the Greater Region of Saarland-Lorraine-Luxembourg Rhineland-Palatinate-Walloon, this network includes more than 40,000 students.

Declaration of intent (signed on 8th July 2002)



General secretariat

Liege University Hospital (UH)

Logo CHU 20 ansCreated on 1st April 1987, the UH is a public building with its own legal entity whose links with the ULg are permanent and very close. As a University hospital, it is in symbiosis with the Faculty of Medicine and develops a cutting-edge research activity for a very high quality healthcare service. It employs more than 4300 workers (including 644 paid doctors, 910 in all); the UH has 925 beds spread over its various sites (Sart Tilman, Lucien Brull Policlinics in the town centre, Ourthe-Amblève UH in Esneux, Notre-Dame des Bruyères clinic in Chênée) and has 218 university beds in three other hospital establishments in the Liege region. It accepts 35000 admissions and gives 635000 consultations per year. The UH is the only university hospital in the Walloon region.



Tél +32 (0)4 366 71 11 - 84 55

Embarcadère NPO

Zoologie vue aérienneThe Embarcadère is the scientific, technical and industrial culture centre set up by the ULg and located mainly at the Institute of Zoology (quai Van Beneden-rue de Pitteurs site in Liege). This museum-related centre, remarkable by its size and the quality of its components, combines the skills of well-known and experienced members of the sector of sciences and techniques: the three NPOs Aquarium-Museum, Maison de la Science and Maison de la Métallurgie et de l'Industrie, with which the University of Liege, the Town of Liege, Cockerill Sambre and the Walloon Union of Liege Companies form a partnership. The purpose of this museum-related centre is to be a cultural tool (sciences and techniques) of quality tourism.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 96 50

Aquarium-Museum, APAM NPO

Created in 1962, the Aquarium-Museum of the ULg is the only complex in the Walloon Region dedicated to the knowledge of the aquatic world. Since 1992, the NPO APAM Lg (Association for the Promotion of the Aquarium and the Zoology Museum in Liege) is in charge of the management, running and promotion of the whole outfit. The Aquarium-Museum aims at completing a threefold assignment: helping scientific research, illustrating education, and spreading knowledge. Located in Liege on the banks of the Meuse, at the Institute of Zoology (quai Van Beneden), it is a place of discovery, apprenticeship, and scientific reflection. The Aquarium-Museum is a member of the Embarcadère.

Aquarium: 46 basins, 2500 boarders representing 250 species from the four corners of the world (piranhas, clown-fish, electric fish, blind cave-dwelling fish, Australian stonefish, tilapia fish, "baby cat-sharks", pike, eels, ... other regional species. In the Sharks and Coral Reef room: a large aquarium (66000 litres of seawater) exclusively devoted to black-tip reef sharks; a basin of 10000 litres with the living hosts of the Great Barrier Reef.

Zoology Museum: collection of 20000 specimens kept in the form of skeletons and stuffed animals, spread over four rooms (invertebrates, non-mammal vertebrates, mammal vertebrates, Belgian wildlife). Skeleton of a 19 metre long whale, endangered or extinct species (e.g.: Tasmanian wolf), a swarm of insects, spiders, reptiles, several birds, great apes.

Madrepore room: 300 species of coral brought back from a ULg expedition to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in 1966-1967.

Genesis: famous and unique wall-painting (6.61 m x 11.96 m) by Paul Delvaux, symbolising the creation of the world.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 50 21 -

Maison de la Science NPO

Open since 1980 on the basis of the Palais de la Découverte in Paris, the Maison de la Science (located in the Institute of Zoology of the ULg, quai Van Beneden in Liege) aims at promoting and informing all types of visitors about science. It plays the driving role of precursor in French-speaking Belgium in relation to permanent education in the scientific domain. The Maison de la Science NPO is the result of a partnership between the ULg, the town of Liege, the Science et Culture NPO and the Le Grand Liège NPO. This is not only a "museum" but also a living and interactive place, an area of encounters and discoveries where each person, adults and children, is allowed to touch, try and experience scientific experiments. As well as the permanent exhibition hall, the Maison de la Science organises temporary thematic exhibitions, such as "Vélo-Sciences"; Women, Sciences and Technologies; From tuberculosis to AIDS; Art and Sciences; Sound and light, and very recently, Best of Nature; Extinct worlds or The sun and its court (9th to 30th January 2008). The Maison de la Science is a member of the Embarcadère.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 50 04

Confucius Institute in Liege

nouvel an chinoisOfficially inaugurated in October 2006, the Confucius Institute of Liege was established by an agreement that was signed in June 2005 between the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education of the Communauté française of Belgium (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles ). The institute is part of an international network which currently totalises 500 Confucius Institutes located around the world and recognized by China's National Office for Teaching Chinese Foreign Language (HANBAN). The Confucius Institute of Liege is created in partnership with the Beijing Foreign Studies University. Its mission is to promote educational and cultural exchanges between our country and China. The team in place organizes Chinese language and culture courses as well as seminars and conferences on various topics related to China. These activities address various audiences: academia, the general society and the business world.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 50 06

Sports centres of the Sart Tilman campus

Created in 1974 by the ULg and by the Sports Administration of the French community, the Gestion des Centres sportifs du Sart Tilman NPO manages the sports facilities on the university campus, the Blanc Gravier residence and the Campana Kayak centre.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 38 87 - 38 39

Royal Athletic Students' Club (RCAE) NPO

The RCAE aims at organising and coordinating all sporting activities of the university community (except the academic programme). The aim is to offer the members of the university community (students and staff members) and the higher education students in the Liege region with the possibility to learn and play almost any sport in a university environment, in particularly interesting conditions. The RCAE currently has 53 sections whose activities, for around thirty of them, are attached to the Sports centres of the Sart Tilman campus. More than one hundred monitors are available for some 5400 members. The management and daily organisation of the RCAE is performed by the permanent Secretary.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 39 34

Scientific Council of the sites and town-planning of the Sart Tilman campus

The council's tasks consist in:

- Studying the scientific, educational and aesthetic interest of the sites of the university campus at Sart Tilman and the territory of 2000 ha of the N-E point of the Condroz;

- Taking part in drawing up a layout plan of the Sart Tilman campus by studying all of the problems caused by setting up the university buildings in the Sart Tilman campus;

- Taking part in a programme to increase the scientific, educational and aesthetic interest of the campus in relation to opening it up to the public and informing the external bodies;

- Developing and monitoring a layout plan of the parkland areas of the university campus and other special layout plans, in particular in the 2000 ha territory.


Tel +32 (0)4 366 50 72

Friends of the Sart Tilman estate NPO

The Friends of the Sart Tilman estate NPO aims at managing, maintaining, creating, extending, restoring and equipping:

- footpaths for pedestrians, horse-riders (25 km), cyclists and skiers;

- sports pathways (50 km);

- routes of natural, educational (18 round-trips) and artistic interest (in relation to the Open-air Museum of Sart Tilman);

- barbecues, forests (550 ha) and woody plantations, lakes and ponds, moorland (20 ha)

of the Sart Tilman campus.


Tel +32 (0)4 366 20 43

Open-air Museum of Sart Tilman NPO

Founded in 1977, the Open-air Museum of Sart-Tilman is the result of a partnership between the University of Liege and the Culture Minister, followed by the French Community of Belgium. The museum implements a policy of conservation and investigation which leads to the development of a collection that currently includes more than 110 items, representing the history of modern open-air sculpture in French-speaking Belgium over around forty years. The collections demonstrate the variety of modern creation in French-speaking Belgium. Works of confirmed masters can be admired there (Jo Delahaut, George Grard, Pierre Caille, Rik Wouters, Charles Leplae), along with reputed contemporary artists (Pierre Alechinsky, Félix Roulin, Olivier Strebelle, Tapta, Serge Vandercam, etc) and promising new talent (Patrick Corillon, Thierry Bontridder, Gérald Dederen, Emile Desmedt, Catherine Van Pottelsberghe, Clémence Van Lunen, etc.). Without partitions, ticket office or warden, and off the beaten track of culture-shows, the Open-air Museum is distinctive and contributes to restoring the genius of the place, conducive to the intimate experience of works of art.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 22 20

Observatory of the World of Plants NPO

serre jean Doinet OMPA vast series of 2000 m2 of greenhouses in Sart Tilman, the Observatory of the World of Plants (OMP) houses more than 2000 different species in unheated, temperate and tropical greenhouses.  The Jean Doinet greenhouse has around 1000 cactuses and succulent plants of the main desert regions. The OMP aims at conserving collections of plants of the ULg and promoting and spreading knowledge about botany and plant biology.


Tel +32 (0)4 366 20 43

University Choir of Liege- Royal Society NPO

The University Choir of Liege, created in 1947, gathers together students, former students, members of the teaching staff, scientific staff and administrative staff of the ULg and their families, friends and relations and any other external person who would like to sing in the Choir.  Directed by Patrick Wilwerth, the Choir's keywords are: pleasure of making music and friendship. The Choir accompanies several official ULg events, in particular the Academic start-of-year sessions and ceremonies for granting honorary awards. For its 2008 programme: The Messiah by G.F. Handel, the masterpiece of Baroque music (concert in April 2008).



Tel +32 (0)485 76 80 38

Royal University Theatre in Liege NPO

The Royal University Theatre in Liege (TURLg) welcomes all fans, whether from the university or not, of various entertainment techniques. Several creations are worked on each season by the various groups made up in accordance with the requirements of the productions. The shows created are played during the following season in Belgium and abroad. Since 1983, the TURLg has organised the International University Theatre Encounters (RITU); it is the official headquarters of the International Association of Theatre at University (AITU), which it has chaired since 1994. Throughout the year, the TURLg organises theatre workshops and courses for children, teenagers, students and adults.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 53 78

Artistic collections

Thanks to several donations (legacies from Adrien Wittert, Charles Firket, Gustave Rhul-Hauzeur, André de Rassenfosse, Idel Ianchelevici, ...) and its acquisitions, the ULg has acquired a significant artistic heritage estimated at some 50000 works.

- Paintings: Flemish, German, French, Dutch and Italian paintings of the 15th and 16th centuries, paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries (Ensor, Spilliaert, Donnay, Collignon, Strebelle, Comhaire, De Lincé, Ubac, Bonvoisin, Philippet, ...)

- Prints, drawings and book-plates: significant works of the whole European production from the 15th to 19th centuries (from Dürer to Goya, through Bruegel, Rembrandt, Mantegna, ...)

- Money and medals: Roman and medieval coins from the principality of Liege; commemorative medals.

- African art: more than 500 masks and ritual items, pre-colonial

- Applied arts, photographs, old postcards

The department of Artistic Collections, set up in the Wittert gallery, is in charge of ensuring the conservation and promotion of this artistic heritage.  It regularly organises temporary exhibitions.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 57 67

UniversSud - Liege

An NGO approved for backing cooperation projects in the south and for education in development with the university community, co-financed by the Belgian cooperation.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 55 43

ULg Network - Friends of the University of Liege

The ULg Network, the Friends of the University of Liege association, is a non-profit organisation that aims at promoting the University of Liege. It was founded on 13th March 1929, on the initiative of the President Jules Duesberg. It aims at grouping together all former Liege university members that may be interested in making their Alma mater thrive, in order to undertake, with their moral and financial backing, action for supporting, or even expanding our institution.

Moreover, the ULg Network encourages young researchers of the ULg and deals with several prizes and funds.



Tel +32 (0)4 366 56 24

University of the Third Age - Liege NPO

The U3A aims at promoting the quality of life of elderly people by helping them to have access to a certain way of living the third age and encouraging access for all to the cultural, intellectual, physical and social heritage, in particular through the organisation of several activities each week.


Tel +32 (0)4 370 18 01

Scientific Station of the High Fens

Station des Hautes FagnesThe High Fens plateau provides an exceptionally interesting setting for the biological, bio-geographical, climatic, geological, hydrological, geomorphologic, and historical, archaeological and human study. High peat-beds, 7000 years old, traces of palsa, trientalis and grouse, moss and boreal mountain insects, milestones, old footpaths, dialects, ... are just some of the subjects that already fascinated the researchers in the 19th century. This is why the University of Liege decided to set up a scientific station there in 1924. In 1975, the ULg built the current High Fens Scientific Station on Mount Rigi, according to the plans of the architect and lecturer Jean Englebert. The place is now not only made available to the lecturers, researchers and students of the university who want to study this exceptional area, but also to members of secondary schools, groups and associations, local or regional public authorities.



Tel +32 (0)80 44 72 20 - +32 (0)4 366 52 21

Submarine and oceanographic research station (Stareso)


Stareso is a scientific base devoted to marine research in the Mediterranean, located on the far edge of the Revellata cape in Calvi (Corsica, France). In 1972, with a keen interest in science of the sea, the President Marcel Dubuisson wanted to equip the University of Liege with a research station where scientists and students could work "feet in water". The choice of the site was guided by the exceptional purity of the Corsican waters. The marine wildlife is very rich and varied there, and the pollution non-existent. Built in granite stone, Stareso is among the most beautiful creations of the architect Claude Strebelle. The management and promotion of the station are entrusted to the S.A. Stareso. A liaison committee was created to ensure optimal cooperation between the ULg and the company.



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