Académie Wallonie-Europe

Académie Wallonie-Europe

The Wallonia-Europe University Academy is made up of the University of Liege (ULg) and the Gembloux Agricultural University (FUSAGx), two university institutions organised by the French community in Belgium. Its creation was made official on 20th October 2004 in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Research. The Gembloux Agricultural University merged with the University of Liège in October 2009 and is now called Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.

Set up further to the “Bologna” decree of the French community, the Wallonia-Europe University Academy provides an environment that is favourable to reinforcing complementary characteristics between the two institutions and highlighting their skills, in particular in subjects such as living sciences and technologies, food-processing, environmental and water sciences. Institutional synergies are also envisaged in the sectors of teaching and education, management of documentary resources, pooling of invitations to tender, etc.

The choice of the name of the Academy highlights both its roots in Wallonia, a region in which the two universities are heavily involved, and its global outlook on Europe, in particular on the cross-border regions of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio and the Greater Region of Saarland-Lorraine-Luxembourg Rhineland-Palatinate-Walloon. Beyond that, it pays particular attention to partnership projects with developing countries.

Contact(s) : Véronique Boveroux Secrétaire du Conseil d'administration, ULg, Tel +32 (0)4 366 53 51 - 45

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