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Programmes offered

The ULg offers a series of programmes which are available for the mobility of all of the members of the university community.

Exchange programmes

This mobility without graduation benefits from various financing sources to complete the means devoted by the ULg to this action.

Mobility programmes giving rise to graduation

  • AlBan, which enables Latin-American students to come to the ULg,
  • ALMA, which offers students and researchers an intercultural experience in the Meuse-Rhine region;
  • TIME, mobility programme with double degree for engineers;
  • Erasmus Mundus : the ULg takes part in 4 Erasmus Mundus masters course, 2 joint doctorates Erasmus Mundus and 2 Erasmus Mundus partnerships (Averroès and ACP);
  • ARES-Pronabec, which enables Peruvian students to study for a Master's or a PhD at the ULg. 

European inter-university cooperation programmes

The ULg is also involved in trans-national inter-university projects:

  • the University of Liege is the coordinator of a Tempus project in Geomatics which provides research, exchange of expertise and researcher and student exchanges,
  • is a member of networks of European universities, which help it to build up a strong relationship with its European partners, such as
       - Santander network

Contact(s) : International Office

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